Indian Revolutionary Ghadri Gulab Kaur

Ghadri Gulab Kaur

She came from a struggling Sikh farming family in Punjab, India. Her dad was a farmer.

She became known as “Ghadri Gulab Kaur” as a result of her revolutionary efforts.

On January 10, 2021, Rakesh Kumar’s book “Gulab Kaur Gaddar Lehar Di Daler Yodha” was released in Delhi amidst farmer protests.

On January 27, 2022, Meenakshi Lekhi, the state’s minister of state for culture and foreign affairs, released the picture book “India’s Women Unsung Heroes: The Brave Women of our Freedom Struggle” in Delhi.

Every year a fair “Mela Ghadari Babian Da” is held in Jalandhar, Punjab from 30 Oct to 01 Nov. In this fair multiple cultural programs take place like folk dance and drama to give tribute to Gulab Kaur and other freedom fighters.

Gulab Kaur, who was married to Mann Singh, was born around 1890 in the Punjabi village of Bakshiwala in the Sangrur district of India. The couple travelled to Manila, Philippines, with the intention of eventually settling in America.

Gulab Kaur joined the Ghadar Party in Manila, a group started by Indian immigrants who wanted to end British rule on the Indian Subcontinent.

Gulab Kaur kept covert watch over the party printing press. She gave the Ghadar Party members weapons while posing as a journalist and holding a press card.

Gulab Kaur also inspired people to join the Ghadar Party by handing out independence literature and speaking motivationally to Indian shipboard passengers.

Gulab Kaur and nearly fifty other people are free. Ghadrites from the Philippines sailed to India on the S.S. Korea batch.

After arriving in India, she and a few other revolutionaries were active in the villages of Kapurthala, Hoshiarpur, and Jallandhar to inspire the populace to participate in an armed uprising for the country’s independence.

She was given a two-year prison term for seditious conduct in Lahore, British India, and now Pakistan.

In 2014, Kesar Singh published a Punjabi novel about Gulab Kaur with the title Gadar Di Dhee Gulaab Kaur.