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We also buy daily Kerala State Lottery tickets before publishing the results and Kerala State Lottery Tickets Profit and Loss on our website. You can find our profit and loss statement from our purchase of Kerala State Lottery Tickets. Apart from our Kerala Public Service Commission website we started Here we provide our own experience on the purchase of Kerala State Lottery Tickets. As you know winning in Lottery totally depends on Luck, there is no technique to calculate winning numbers in advance. Lottery games can bring financial loss and it is addictive also. We only purchase one ticket daily for education and running our website. We started purchasing tickets on 30 November 2022 and our winning and losing details are given below:-

Kerala State Lottery Tickets Profit and Loss

Tickets Purchased : ₹ 2030/-

Total Winnings : ₹ 1600/-

Kerala State Lottery Tickets Profit and Loss

DateNameNumberAmount Win
16.01.2023Win WinWD 872796₹ 0/-
15.01.2023AkshayaAB 372048₹ 0/-
14.01.2023KarunyaKL 194580₹ 0/-
13.01.2023NirmalNV 409903₹ 0/-
12.01.2023Karunya PlusPF 435918₹ 0/-
11.01.2023Fifty FiftyFX 295855₹ 0/-
Kerala State Lottery Tickets Profit and Loss – Sixth Week
Earned : 1000/-
10.01.2023Sthree SakthiSF 644430₹ 0/-
09.01.2023WinWinWT 722741₹ 0/-
08.01.2023AkshayaAS 535356₹ 1000/-
07.01.2023KarunyaKX 961382₹ 0/-
06.01.2023NirmalNL 596623₹ 0/-
05.01.2023Karunya PlusPS 472364₹ 0/-
04.01.2023Fifty FiftyFM 190617₹ 0/-
Kerala State Lottery Tickets Profit and Loss – Fifth Week
Earned : 500/-
03.01.2023Sthree SakthiSN 486183₹ 500/-
02.01.2023WinWinWE 927625₹ 0/-
01.01.2023AkshayaAL 445441₹ 0/-
31.12.2022KarunyaKH 735426₹ 0/-
30.12.2022NirmalNY 733387₹ 0/-
29.12.2022Karunya PlusPB 535840₹ 0/-
28.12.2022Fifty FiftyFV 344247₹ 0/-
Kerala State Lottery Tickets Profit and Loss – Fourth Week
Earned : 0/-
27.12.2022Sthree ShaktiSG 310291₹ 0/-
26.12.2022Win WinWY 530748₹ 0/-
25.12.2022AkshayaAZ 130995₹ 0/-
24.12.2022KarunyaKT 723257₹ 0/-
23.12.2022NirmalND 464388₹ 0/-
22.12.2022Karunya PlusPY 341698₹ 0/-
21.12.2022Fifty FiftyFM 498963₹ 0/-
Kerala State Lottery Tickets Profit and Loss – Third Week
Earned : 0/-
20.12.2022Sthree ShaktiSZ 495808₹ 0/-
19.12.2022WinWinWH 912864₹ 0/-
18.12.2022AkshayaAH 436334₹ 0/-
17.12.2022KarunyaKC 303975₹ 0/-
16.12.2022NirmalNU 391863₹ 0/-
15.12.2022Karunya PlusPA 750204₹ 0/-
14.12.2022Fifty FiftyFU 331841₹ 0/-
Kerala State Lottery Tickets Profit and Loss – Second Week
Earned : 0/-
13.12.2022Sthree ShaktiSG 437402₹ 0/-
12.12.2022WinWinWR 343774₹ 0/-
11.12.2022AkshayaAW 897908₹ 0/-
10.12.2022KarunyaKU 204111₹ 0/-
09.12.2022NirmalNC 721431₹ 0/-
08.12.2022Karunya PlusPY 907307₹ 0/-
07.12.2022Fifty-FiftyFC 136061₹ 0/-
Kerala State Lottery Tickets Profit and Loss – First Week
Earned : 100/-
06.12.2022Sthree ShaktiSN 243208₹ 0/-
05.12.2022WinWinWG 534683₹ 0/-
04.12.2022AkshayaAG 910419₹ 0/-
03.12.2022KarunyaKC 172195₹ 100/-
03.12.2022KarunyaKA 553368₹ 0/-
02.12.2022NirmalNN 810586₹ 0/-
01.12.2022Karunya PlusPJ 853703₹ 0/-
30.11.2022Fifty-FiftyFU 454931₹ 0/-

How to Claim Kerala Lottery Prizes?

The participants who bought lottery tickets for Kerala State Kerala State Lottery Tickets Profit and Loss draw can able to check your Results through the online website itself. For that, the participants are requested to follow the below steps.

Step 1: Go to the Kerala Lotteries’ official website at
Step 2: Click the Lottery Result Button
Step 3: Find Fifty Fifty WEEKLY LOTTERY (FF-27)and Draw Date: 07/12/2022
Step 4: Click the Today Kerala Fifty Fifty FF27 Lottery Result 07-12-2022 View link. (Then FF-27 Result pdf is downloaded)
Step 5: Check your lottery number whether you won anything prize or not.

How to Check Today’s Result

Today Kerala Kerala State Lottery Tickets Profit and Loss at 3:55 PM officially by The participants need to follow the Kerala lotteries norms to claim the prize. If you won above Rs.100,000, need to submit some documents required by Kerala Lotteries Board.

Prize  Claim From
Up to Rs. 1 Lakh District Lottery Offices
Above Rs.1 Lakh Director of State Lotteries
Rs.1 Lakh and up to Rs.20 Lakhs Deputy Director(Prize)
Above 20 lakhs Director

Kerala State Lottery Tickets Profit and Loss

Frequently Asked Questions
Where to check Today’s Kerala lottery results?

You can check Today’s result from our website, but we recommend you should always cross-check with the official results published by Kerala State Lottery Board at

When will be Kerala lottery results available?

We will start publishing winning numbers from 3 PM today, and for official results, you can visit the government website after 4 PM.

Can we see the Kerala State lottery Results live?

Yes Ofcourse, You don’t have to wait any longer to know the lottery result, the Kerala state lottery department is broadcasting the Live Telecast Lottery draw every day from 3:00 PM every day.

Is online lottery permitted in the State of Kerala?

No, As per G.O.(P) No. 4/2005/TD dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 13th January 2005, the conduct of online Lottery was banned in Kerala.

Can we sell or buy Kerala Lottery through the internet or any other means?

No agent shall conduct the sale of tickets through the internet or by another means without prior permission of the Director and only the sale of physical tickets is permitted.

Who is the authority specifically appointed by the Government for the regulation of Lottery Sales in Kerala?

Secretary to Government, Taxes Department is the specified authority to regulate the sale of Lottery in Kerala which is appointed directly by the Government of Kerala.

Is it mandatory for the agent to affix a seal on the reverse of a ticket?

Yes. Every agent shall affix his seal on the reverse of each ticket with details of name and agency number.

Kerala State Lottery Tickets Profit and Loss Statement is our personal page and publishing our results here is only for knowledge purpose.