Kerala Bank Confiscation notice for the house; The student committed suicide

Kollam: Kerala Student Committed Suicide after receiving confiscation notice in Kollam. A college student committed suicide. The incident happened in Kollam Shuranad. Kerala Student Abhirami (18) committed suicide at Suranad South Aji House. Abirami committed suicide after the Kerala Bank foreclosure notice was issued. Iramallikara is a second-year student of Shree Ayyappa College.

Kerala Student Committed Suicide
Kerala Student Committed Suicide

It has been alleged that the family asked the Kerala Bank for more time to repay the money, but they were not ready. Then the bank officials came to the house and put up a board showing that the house and the property were attached. Later the student committed suicide.

Ward member Sheeja says that it has only been 4 years since the loan was taken and the loan was paid correctly even before the arrival of Covid. They got into trouble when Ajikumar’s wife fell ill. They had paid Rs.1.5 lakh in the bank last March. The bank officials did not listen to the money but put up the notice.

The ward member also says that a bright boy who got A+ in all subjects in the 10th class took his life. A girl with a bright future Kerala Student committed suicide due to circumstances at home. Protests have been raised against the bank authorities in the area. A few days ago, the foreclosure process by Kerala Bank in Koothuparamp was also controversial.

The house and land of Suhra, a resident of Koothuparamp Purakalam, was confiscated by the Kerala Bank. Suhra’s family, including her elderly mother and daughter who is a plus two student, was on the highway with the seizure. Suhra also complained that the Kerala Bank authorities did not reciprocate even though she asked for a delay to repay the money.

Kerala Student Committed Suicide

After the loan moratorium announced by the banks on the basis of the flood and covid disaster ended, most of the banks had sent notices. Notices of Kerala Bank are superficial. This law empowers financial institutions to directly foreclose on defaulted loans. Sarfasi notices can be challenged only in the High Court.