Lord Mountbatten Announced Partition of India

Lord Mountbatten Announced Partition of India

Indian Independence Act 1947

British India was divided into the two new sovereign nations of India and Pakistan by the 1947 Indian Independence Act, an act of the British Parliament. The Act was approved on July 18, 1947, and on August 15, 1947, the regions of India and Pakistan, which included the west (Pakistan) and the east (Bangladesh), were created.

The 3 June Plan, also known as the Mountbatten Plan, was agreed upon by Lord Mountbatten and the legislative leaders of the Indian National Congress, Muslim League, and Sikh community. The last strategy for independence was this one.

What is Attlee’s declaration?

The UK’s Prime Minister, Clement Attlee, declared the following on February 20, 1947:

(a) By no later than 30 June 1948, the British Government would give British India full autonomy.
(b) After the ultimate transfer date is chosen, the Princely States’ future will be decided.

3 June Plan / Mountbatten Plan

The 3 June 1947 Plan was also known as the Mountbatten Plan. The British government proposed a plan, announced on 3 June 1947, that included these principles:

The principle of the partition of British India was accepted by the British Government

Successor governments would be given dominion status, Autonomy, and sovereignty to both countries Can make their own constitution, Princely States were given the right to join either Pakistan or India, based on two major factors: Geographical contiguity and the people’s wishes